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SINGER 7470 Confidence 225 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The SINGER 7470 Confidence¬† is an exceptional, easy to use, computerized sewing machine with so many incredible features that both the novice and experienced sewing enthusiast can enjoy. With an abundance of electronic features, the Singer 7470 allows you to uncover your creative talents, and design and create projects which will impress your […]


SINGER 2259 Tradition 20 Stitch Sewing Machine

PRODUCT OVERVIEW In the tradition of Singer Sewing Company, the SINGER 2259 Tradition is ideal for the beginner sewing hobbyist, or someone who has a desire to upgrade their sewing skills. Whether you are in the throws of just learning to sew or have a little experience under your belt, this is the perfect sewing […]